World Kindness Day Celebration in Ujiogba Community, Edo State, Nigeria

World Kindness Day celebration took a different turn in Nigeria this year, as the members of World Kindness Initiative Nigeria (WKIN) an arm of World Kindness Movement, decided to spread the kindness virus in some states within the Niger Delta Region, in company of their new Kindness Ambassador and Queen of the Face of Niger Delta Cultural Pageant (FONDCUP) 2021/2022, Miss Kasi Usani and her Runners up, Miss Faith Iguodala Etinosasere and Miss Grace Ekrakene.

The team of kindhearted men and maidens started off their celebration on Saturday, the 13th of November 2021 with a visit to UJIOGBA, a community located in Esan West Local Government Area in Edo state. The visit was to enlighten the people on the importance of showing love and kindness to one another and to distribute foodstuff (yams, bags of rice and heads of plantain) to single mothers, widows, and elderly women in the community.

The secretary of World Kindness Movement International, in the person of Barrister Stephen Iruobe Oke, urged the women during their session with them, to show love to one another and learn to share whatever they have, with those that are disadvantaged amongst them. “We can’t keep leaving everything for the government, we have to make it a point of our duty to help each other.” He spoke. According to him, this is one of the true acts of kindness that can make the region a better place for everyone.

Speaking also at the gathering, was the President of World Kindness Initiative Nigeria, Mr. Steve Onyemah, who was very excited to be part of the team to spread the kindness virus to the women of UJIOGBA community. He appreciated them for being so coordinated and well mannered, he further pleaded with the women, to live in Peace with one another and learn to tolerate each other’s excesses.

Queen Kasi urged the women to develop the habit of sharing kindness amongst themselves, so their children and other people around them, can emulate the habit of engaging in random acts of kindness with one another.

The foodstuff was distributed afterwards to them, the women all went home with one food item each, from the three different food items the team took to the community. The elderly women prayed for the team ceaselessly and were overly joyed to have received free foodstuff at a time like this in Nigeria, where everyone is struggling to survive, due the after effect of the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 and the Herders attacks on their farmlands in most of these communities.

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  • Kennedy Ukaire January 9, 2022

    Wow!!! Great work… Kindness remains an awsome part of humans, if only we all can learn it. Keep it up.

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