World Kindness Initiative Nigeria, took the Kindness Matters Campaign to Sapele, Delta State in Nigeria

World Kindness Initiative Nigeria on the 13th of January 2022, took it upon themselves to spread the kindness virus in orphanages in sapele Delta state, in company of Kasi Usani, the Kindness Ambassador of World Kindness Initiative Nigeria.

World Kindness Day celebration and visit to the orphanage homes is supported by UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) India.

World Kindness Initiative Nigeria visited two Orphanages, Testimony Orphanage home and Madam Davis-Buwa Memorial Children’s Home in Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria.

Kindness capacity-building sessions were delivered, and the presentation was done by Barrister Stephen Oke and Mr. Steve Onyemah. After the classes, some beverages and toiletries were distributed as a demonstration of kindness and compassion towards the orphans in the orphanages.

On arrival, the children were happy to see the World Kindness Initiative members with the things they brought for them, as they drove into the compound of Testimony orphanage Home.

Miss Elizabeth Era addressed the children, introducing the WKIN and world Kindness movement to the kids, talked about MGIEP india, as the reason this Kindness is extended to the orphanages in Sapele. “Life may have been unfortunate to you but it doesn’t mean you should be bitter to people; you should never hate yourselves.” She said to them while holding baby Rose in her arms, a little orphan girl.

The Matron of the orphanage spoke briefly on the challenges the children face in the society due to their present situation. She also pleaded with Miss Kasi to use her prestigious platform to reach out to Parents in a desperate plea through social media to teach their children to be kind to Orphans in their various schools. “Some of the kids here, most of the time, come back home from school crying that their classmates are mocking them…” She said, “… I have complained to the teachers about the intimidation, the bullying severally without much changes. God will bless you people for treating us differently, for showing us kindness.” The children showed their appreciation by praying and blessing the members of World Kindness Initiative Nigeria (WKIN).

The next stop was Madam Davis-Buwa Memorial Childrens’ Home, another home for orphaned children in Sapele, Delta state.

We were received by the Matron of the home, who also happens to be the granddaughter of the founder of the home, during her appreciation speech, she told us a little about the orphanage and her passion to care for kids; “I was born into this home, I grew to love this children and I decided to carry on my mother’s legacy who also took after her own mother…”

 It was such a joy to learn briefly about the history of the Orphanage home that became functional from the late 20th century to this day.

Barrister Stephen Oke, Secretary of World Kindness Movement (WKM) International, prayed for the continuous longevity of the home saying: “It is not every day you see people dedicate their lives to taking care of other people’s children” he said to the Matron.

To the kids, he prayed for them and advised them not to dwell on their current situation but to hold onto God and face the future. “Don’t listen to anyone that says you do not have a family, every child you see here is your sister and brother, so love one another, Kindness is GOD’s nature.”

86-year-old former Matron, daughter of the founder of the home and mother to the current Matron joined the team and exclaimed in sheer happiness when she saw the peace offering the World Kindness Initiative Members brought.  “Blessed are those that considers the poor…” The elderly Matron, Madam Monica, said, “What the government cannot do, you people have done for us today…” The movement ended with members of World Kindness Initiative Nigeria (WKIN) shaking hands with Madam Monica after a long fervent prayer of blessings for all members and it was nothing but an emotional moment as they had to say Goodbye to the happy children.

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