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We’ll try to cover in much greater detail what you actually get out of being kind and also what a difference you will be making to the world. So get a cuppa, take a seat, relax and enjoy what I have put together for you today, but remember that after you have read this article you have to put it into action for it to benefit you!

So let’s start with how practicing kindness to other human beings can help you. I know that it might sound strange to some, however, being a giving person can reward you in many ways. The biggest and best reward is that ‘warm feeling’ that you get and the knowledge that you have done something to make some else’s day. It also has other rewards as it could help you to meet new people – people that could become your friends and in turn, help you just like you helped them. I always feel that it straightens out the creases in my personality as well and makes me a more likable kind of guy.

So how is your kindness going to help somebody else? Well, most of the time you will just never know, however, every day there are people around you who may be in your neighborhood or town that are very unhappy. Just imagine the difference a smile and friendly chat could make. In my neighborhood store, I always stand in the checkout line of the most sullen cashier. When I get to the front of the queue I share a smile and maybe a joke and try to get them to crack a smile and maybe even a laugh. This is great as when the cashier cheers up – just imagine how many customers they will share their smile with. It is contagious! Kindness can have a sort of ‘butterfly effect.

So there you have it! I hope that you have got something out of today’s article and that you put it into action and change your life and the lives of others around you for the better. Just before I finish, here are some more people that you can share your happiness with and hope that they pass it on – Teachers, Taxi Drivers, Doctors, Librarians, and Bus Drivers. Have fun!

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